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Angie's Journey

Certified High Performance Coach

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"Being a coach is not just what I do, it is what I am MEANT to do"

-Angie Besignano

It has been quite the road--as I have told this story to so many, I noticed how I leave out so many details because the time between the start of my coaching journey to present has lengthened. How much time does anyone really have to lay out the details of their journey and tell why they took one path rather than another?

The over-arching theme for me has been a strong desire to help other humans and the funny thing is that I have had SO much growth to achieve myself that, at times, I felt lost and therefore unworthy of being able to share what I now see as my purpose and reason for walking through this life.

I have spent much time getting this certification or that, and I value that education deeply, yet the truth is that most of how I so successfully coach others is due to my life experiences combined with an innate ability to connect to others  in a way that makes them feel compelled to be vulnerable with me naturally. People are somehow drawn to me and my energy--and no matter what professional position I held in my life, I was ALWAYS led back to the human element and the desire to understand the journey of others'.

I welcome you into my website, and my hope in re-creating and updating it is that you will be able to feel connected to me before we ever speak---I coach humans not only in their personal lives, but also in the roles that they play on a daily basis---are you an executive or leader? A parent that struggles to connect with their children? A spouse that feels they have lost that FEELING within your relationship? Are you living your truths every single you even know what those are? These are obviously just some simple thought provoking questions and the hope is that you are able to begin asking yourself HOW a coach fits into your life. 

I thank you for visiting me here and do hope that you will contact me---every single one of us has an aspiration, a hope, a dream....having a coach truly enables you to take steps toward those and working with someone with a PROVEN track record is one of the most important decisions you will make when beginning that journey. Don't just hire a coach because you "like" them, hire someone that is going to work hard and challenge you so that you get what you came for---RESULTS!!


Looking forward,


Why Angie?

All of Coach Angie's programs are customized to suit the needs of the client. There is no "too big" or "too small" as these programs can also be delivered one-on-one or in groups. 

Discovery Calls are 60 minutes and are FREE! 

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