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Angie's Clients Say...

"Angie helped me work through, and on, some very heavy duty "shit" in my life!!! She helped me extract my head, and heart, from a location deep in my own backside. I was adept at hiding from my truth, my reality and my True North and she helped me to clear away the noise, delusion inertia to take control of my life. She has strength and power, yet she uses it with compassion and a genuine desire to help you be a better version of yourself. She has the ability to shift from asking great, thought provoking questions to kicking you in the butt to holding space as you struggle through an issue - all depending on what you need. IF you are ready to do the work, she can help fast track it!!! Well worth the investment - of both time and money!

- Grateful Client

Whoever you are reading this testimonial, I'm so excited for you that you found Angie! She literally changed my life. I came to her lost and feeling hopeless, bogged down by a lifetime of trauma and limiting beliefs. She helped me get to a point where not only was I finally able to implement change in my life, but see it, and for the first time in my life really believe in myself and have hope.  Angie will by far remain one of the most important people in my life until the end, even if she is no longer my coach. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today. She helped me open doors that I thought were sealed shut and inaccessible to me, but together we found the keys. She truly cares about her work and about her clients, and it shows in every conversation. I consider myself so so lucky that I was blessed with Angie coming into my life.


To be able to trust someone to be a voice of reason and wisdom that will also challenge you from a place of compassion is a rarity. Angie nails it! 


Receiving coaching from her over the past year gave me the confidence to move through massive changes in my personal and professional life. 


If you're ready to break out of your comfort zone and live from your highest truths - you'll be grateful that you gave yourself the gift of having her in your corner!

- K.A.

I’ve know Angela for 4+ years and worked closely with her in providing college student leaders with the skills to successfully navigate the workforce. My students LOVE working with Angela! She is extremely talented and has visited campus on multiple occasions to speak to our students about interview skills, self-esteem, public speaking, and much more.


Angela has the ability to capture the hearts of so many young minds. She exudes confidence and offers endless guidance and wisdom to all those she encounters. From a personal perspective, she has been an absolute joy to work with. She has served as an inspiration and has touched my heart in more ways than one. She is an amazing mentor!


Angela has been an absolute blessing. It is an honor to work with her! If you have the opportunity to work with Angela, know that you will leave with a new outlook on life that is both successful and positive. Thank you for your undying support and passion for developing leaders of the future!


I have been selling Real Estate for 16 years. I have had some good years and many bad years full of frustration. In July I went to Angie’s Seminar for three days, I never turn down a chance to learn something. Well I learned a lot !! After leaving Angie’s class I went back to working but trying to change some of the things I was doing. ON A DAILY BASIS I heard ANGIE’S voice in my head. I can’t explain why Angie because I have been to many Seminar’s and this has never happened before. After some consideration I called Angie and asked her to coach me for 6 weeks, I figured I spend lots of money on websites that bring me nothing so let me find out exactly what it is I need to do right. After talking each week to Angie and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, time was up and I felt as though I lost my right arm. I decided to hire Angie again after the Holidays but in the meantime I would do EXACTLY what she told me to do, and here is how it went so far.

In October I walked a brand new farm area and knocked on doors. I gave each person a pumpkin with my card on it and for the kids I gave pumpkins also. I was amazed at how excited the owners were to receive a gift and I never asked for anything. I said my name is Marian and I am a Realtor with Long & Foster in Avalon, have a pumpkin and enjoy Halloween. If they weren’t home I just left it on their door step not knowing if they would find it or not.

This month I went back again with little bags of teas in a plastic bag with my card. I also added bags of wrapped candy for the kids and treats for the dogs. What a hit it was, every person told me how much they loved the pumpkins and one man said this is a great idea, your pumpkin sat on my counter for a month, do you know how many people saw it ?? His dog got extra treats !! I stopped at a house and met an owner that I did not meet the last time. I gave him my little gift and asked him if he had dogs, he said yes but he did not want to give them treats. I said he was mean to the dogs. He asked me about being in Real Estate and said he would call me when he was ready to sell, I thanked him and went to the house across the way, left the teas and 3 bags of candy for the kids because I met the kids last time. When I walked away the wife from the previous property was running out and thanking me for the pumpkin. We talked for a few minutes and I gave her more teas and treats for her 5 dogs !!! She said it is so nice to know we have a friendly realtor in our neighborhood, I will be calling you soon !!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked as I had only just met this couple.

I want to let you know that Angie has changed my prospective on being a Realtor. I always worked hard but doing the wrong things. I still have a lot to learn from her and can’t wait to do it. I have always door knocked but sporadically and got very little from it because I was NOT CONSISTENT. I can’t thank Angie enough for her gentle way she has of kicking you in the butt and making you go out and make money. I will keep you posted on the rest as it happens. Thanks Angie !!


Angela has enhanced my life personally and professionally. She has given me confidence to achieve the next plateau as a Realtor. She has helped me to believe in myself to be a better mom and wife. Angela does this from her heart! She is also a burst of sunshine on your cloudiest day! Truth is… happy to call her coach…even happier to call her friend!!!!!


Angela has been there for me every step of the way, both personally and professionally…I cant begin to express my gratitude for her ongoing assistance in my life. Things have really gotten difficult at times and she has helped change my point of view so that I could see things in a more positive way. She is the best!


I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for several years. She worked as the Sales and Training Manager in my prior company and was responsible for designing on-boarding programs for all new hires, designing and rolling out all training within the company. She is always very proactive in trying to assess the needs of the agents so that we could train in areas that meet their needs and expectations.

She is always a professional, the agents admire her dedication and always a job well done. I would highly recommend Angela for any Management or Training position you may be considering her for.



We’ve been friends for 30 years. Angela has always shared many words of wisdom, relentlessly driven and great intuition...


Angela is a rock, she knows her business, she listens without judgement and will give you a (little) kick in the behind when you need it. Highly recommend her as your coach!


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