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Angie utilizes the High Performance framework throughout each of her coaching platforms. This approach is uniquely designed to address individual challenges from a 360 perspective.

By using High Performance, participants can experience incremental growth and change that culminates over time, thus creating results that last OVER THE LONG TERM- which is specifically why this approach is so effective.


Experience personalized 1:1 coaching with Angie, where a tailored approach combines personal or  professional coaching to elevate you to your highest potential. Angie's unique framework addresses all levels and stages of life and focuses on small bits of change to bring about long term results.

Angie expertly delivers her interactive workshops and fosters a collaborative environment where engagement is key. Experience the power of collective growth and transformation in a dynamic group setting that will leave participants recharged, renewed and ready to tackle challenges at any level of your organization.

*Keynotes available upon request

Angie’s Women's Mastermind digs deep into the unique challenges that high-level professional women face on a daily basis. Joining this supportive environment is an experience designed to help empower women to see the realities of their current lifestyle and inspire them  to create “healthy selfish” boundaries that foster an authentic life balance.

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