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Elevate your relationships with your partner, family and friends with the support of Coaching!


Relationships are the cornerstone of life. We all have them, whether they be romantic in nature, friendships, work related or even familial, relationships are all around us. There is even this idea of the relationship we have with ourselves, which is by far the most important as it dictates the connection we have and make with others.

This is some of the deepest work that I have personally done as a coach. You see, whether a person wants personal or professional coaching, somehow, the struggles mostly come back to relationships within that particular role. This is the space where we are able to dig deeply and find what is working and what is missing.


Many couples have come to this coaching with me and found a rekindled love or a deeper understanding of their partner---and even repair some of the broken pieces that seemed lost forever.

It is funny, so many people have asked how I can deliver relationship coaching being that I have been divorced. Well, I would say that in and of itself gives me a perspective on both sides of that spectrum. I learned from my personal experience the outcomes of bad behaviors and the luxury of hindsight. Hard lessons came from those experiences in my life and have afforded me the opportunity to help others get it right, even if that means ending the relationship.


My life has taught me that if we want to achieve the deepest of relationships, we must first know our own truths and be the fullest we can be before we embark on giving any part of ourselves to someone else---certainly that does not mean we are PERFECT (ask me how I feel about that word and I will tell you that it does NOT exist), but that we are not looking for someone else to fill a void within us that we were unable to fill ourselves.

When I met the man I am currently married to, he asked me what was most important in a relationship at this stage of life (we met when I was 50!), and I told him trust above all else-- and that the person I am with gives me the things that I cannot humanly give to myself. I did not need for him to fill the voids within me, that’s my job….his role is to be the peanut butter to my jelly---both are pretty amazing alone but when you put them together, YUM!

If you are married, and want to build an even stronger relationship with your spouse, this works! If you are married and are struggling in your marriage, this will help you find your individual truths so you can make a decision to move forward- whether that be together or apart.

If you are not yet married and want to give yourself and your partner the best chance at a lasting relationship, my one day workshop will help you both think about the answers to questions you probably have not thought to consider before marriage.


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