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Leadership & Talent Management

Leadership---a word that I literally hear multiple times per day. The funny thing is that when I ask those in “leadership positions” what being a leader means to them, I mostly get answers that revolve around tasks, not the people that they are leading. The tasks need to get done, we know that…but how we motivate and inspire others is the real key to being a great leader no matter what role we are playing in life.

Ask yourself, are you a great leader or are you a great manager? Those are two very different mindsets that require different skillsets. Do you know the difference between the two? A rule of thumb that I learned to live by while I worked in the corporate world is that we manage things, but we LEAD people.

Think about the person that has inspired you the most---what behaviors did they exhibit that made an impact on you? Do you exhibit any of those? Are you consistent in how you behave? Is your daily mindset one that fuels growth among those that you lead?


There are so many questions that you can ask yourself to check in, if you are not sure, let’s schedule a Discovery call to figure out what skills you need to learn and which ones you have that can be honed so that you can be influential in every area of your life.

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