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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I was scheduled to speak with an old friend today, one that I have known for around 45 years as we met in elementary school. I called at the agreed upon time and as always, the sound of her voice brought a huge smile to my face. We talked about so many of the "old times" and shared things we each remembered about the other. In that moment, she shared something with me that jarred an old feeling I had about her way back when.

As a young girl, I was not able to articulate how I viewed her and although she would tell that she was different than most, and be correct, I am not sure she or I realized WHY. As an adult, the words finally caught up to the feeling---POISE! That's exactly how I could describe her now AND then! And little did she know it but I aspired to be a little more like her!

I was, and still am, a ball of energy---and work to harness that energy at times- but the point that I am making here is that sometimes INFLUENCE and INSPIRATION come in different packages, and at times, from the unlikeliest of places.

I would love for you to share with me, who are the people that inspired and influenced you? How did that influence change you and/or your life? Please share to my email

Be YOUR best!

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