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Truth and Expectation

Hello again- it has been a while. I had some of my own challenges that were tied to my health so I had to honor myself and take a little time away. I am always aware of how my energies can be perceived, especially when I am challenged, so I always think it best to wait until that season is over so I have time to process and that when I have something to share, it is more beneficial.

I had some interesting interactions lately, and oddly enough, they were tied to "expectation." So many of us spend much of our lives living into a story or a belief that we must honor these expectations that either we create, or are thrust upon us from external influences.

The question becomes, are these expectations serving us, or are they holding us captive? Think about your own life---is your career your passion, are your friend's truly people you would choose all over again, are you in a relationship that is mutual and respectful?

Here is the truth part---when I work with client's, the majority of their journey becomes about HAVING THE COURAGE TO FIND, AND LIVE INTO THEIR TRUTHS. And in my experience, truths are actually the blind spots that hold us back from living as our very best selves in our very best lives!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts or experience on this topic?

Be YOUR best,


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