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In honor of my upcoming FREE event SLAY YOUR DRAGONS, I wanted to share with you one of the topics that we will be covering at this event. NO matter who I coach, one thing is for sure, FEAR is a dragon in all of us and the thief that robs us of our ability to be TRULY happy.

Fear is one of our most basic human emotions and the truth about it is that we are born with only 2 natural fears---any idea what they are?

Come on, take a guess---ok, the fears that we are born with are the fear of falling and loud noises, EVERY OTHER FEAR IS LEARNED through some experience or observation!

Without getting super technical here, always remember that our brains sole function is to protect us and keep us alive-and it does not know the difference between real fear or perceived fear. Accordingly, when we experience those situations that give us that "feeling" of angst or adrenaline, our brain is going to signal us to either fight or run!

Imagine that power in situations where it does not actually belong and the outcomes that we miss because our fears have us stuck where we are?!

Please do join me at my event which I will deliver both in person and virtually---click on the Events tab on my website and register.

Don't let your fear hold you back from attending and learning strategies to help SLAY YOUR DRAGONS!

As always, I LOVE receiving your questions and feedback so feel free to email me at

My best!

Coach Angie

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