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Putting A Price Tag On Our Growth

As you might know by now, I have been working very hard at giving my coaching practice a complete and total facelift---updated content, updated website, new CRM platform just to name a few items on my agenda. One of these is my overall challenge with marketing and technology...removing that "stuff" from my plate because I am a lover of change, not technology. Realizing and submitting to my own limitations was not something that came easily for me- even as a coach.

During this very long process, I felt the need to "be a part of" all things ANGIE SPEAKS---I wanted to make sure that every single aspect of my business felt like an extension of me and what I naturally do every single day as a coach and strive to attain more of you as my highly valued client's. And then there was the wall---the detour---the uncertainty. And guess what that did? It stalled my growth which in turn made me feel (and become) unproductive.

As I quickly realized my truth my first step was to unload the NIPAs (my acronym for non income producing activities--which I have been using in my coaching since the beginning!). I literally said out loud to myself "Ang, just because you know where your knee is and you can see it, does not mean you should open it up to do surgery where you feel the pain." (By the way, I do have a knee injury which requires some MD expertise). So putting it bluntly, I needed to get out of my own way. I am NOT a marketing expert by any stretch nor am I a web designer etc. So I finally took the leap, interviewed several companies for each area of expertise that I needed and removed the NECESSARY NIPAs from my plate! What a relief!!!

The final piece I want to add here is that none of these professionals were inexpensive, but when I weighed out the cost of being stuck along with the amount of time I would need to invest to become proficient in each of these areas, it was a no brainer because paying the experts their well deserved fees is going bring an ROI that surpasses the expenditure of money---it's also energy and most importantly time, MY TIME. Think about this the next time you question whether or not something is WORTH the expense in your in your life or your business.

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