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Lemonade & Tupperware

After sharing my experience last week, I sent a message to my friend that I spoke about in my UNKNOWN INSPIRATIONS blog letting her know that our conversation got me thinking and that I wrote about it----after reading it herself, she shared with me that she felt moved by what I wrote.

Here is a little bit of detail around that story---as kids I LOVED that her mom packed us lemon infused water for a day trip that her parent's took us on and she loved that we used Tupperware in our house (BTW, we had to since my mom was a super successful Tupperware manager!).

During the initial conversation, we spoke about how even when you look up to someone, you might actually be inspiring them as well- but we never really look at it from that perspective. When we "look up" to others, we sometimes place ourselves "below" them and feel that they are "better" in some way(s). But what if we shifted our perspective a little bit on that? What if the truth is that there might be some PIECE of us that we aspire to improve that they simply have figured out or exhibit through their actions? It certainly does not mean they have it all together as we might believe.

The point is that we are human beings and we are IMPERFECT. As a coach, when I hear people use the word PERFECT, my immediate response in my mind is that perfect simply does not exist---it's about perspective and inner stories and beliefs---which most of the time lack validity or truth.

There's more coming on this topic---but until then, take a moment and ask yourself how many unrealistic standards to which you hold yourself and how those standards may be holding you back from truly getting to know YOU. If we spend so much time worrying about how we don't measure up in some way, we lose sight of where we shine. In order to shift this "lack" perspective takes practice and here I am as a coach still making that shift even in the smallest of conversations...the truth is that I could have easily made my own lemon water---

Be YOUR best!

Coach Angie

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