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It's the Thanksgiving time of year...again!

Yes, oh yes, it is that wonderful time of year when we gather more often and look to engage in more joyful activities of celebration! We look forward (I think?) to being with those we love and care about and often give ourselves permission to slow down just a little. We take the time to recount the past year and look for the hope of what is yet to come. It can at times feel magical.

Here is a question...why do we wait all year to feel this way? Why do we defer happiness and joy by waiting for the more "special" moments---which tend to happen so much less often? Yes, I know that time and tradition has held this time of year in much higher esteem than the rest of the year, I get it. But why do we wait to make things FEEL more joyful? Does this really make sense? I am by no means saying that we should prance around all throughout the year but more, intentionally SEARCH for the moments that bring us joy throughout the year.

At the end of the day, the best gift I ask you to give to yourself the gift of kindness. We see little sayings that speak to this in many places- bumper stickers, wall art, you get it. But do we DO it? And the truth is that we cannot BE kind to others if we don't start with ourselves! So every single day, I ask that you begin the day with one small positive thought about you, this will set the tone for your day---and then intentionally pass that kindness onto the people with whom you interact, whether you know them or not. The more you do this, the happier and more joyful you will feel, and so will those around you! Feel the joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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