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Angie vs Technology- Part 1

As I type this today, I am still harnessing the energy that I know is not productive or even healthy for that matter. Long story short, I was working on an very unexpected challenge with my website today-one that could have potentially cost me the opportunity to meet one of you!

This detour in my well planned out day cost me precious positive energy and the idea of anything coming between myself and my creative space is not my happy place.

After many hours and an abundance of phone calls, the situation was finally resolved by someone who knows infinitely more than I do when it comes to technology (luckily I call her "friend" as well). She mentioned what I already know but seriously forgot which is that this business is and will always be a process, and like it or not, part of business nowadays is technology which is not as easily understood as I would like.

I am forever a coach as well as student, and being patient with the processes that can at times be challenging is a part of my own personal development---there is no end point to this arena in doing business if I want to see it grow. You can't stop watering your flowers and still expect them to grow. So today, I was drenched and that is perfectly alright with me as I learned something I did not know before.

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