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For Women

I  love supporting and empowering women through their most challenging 


When I created this particular topic, it was geared specifically toward women…in fact, I am in the midst of writing a book called I CAN’T REACH MY ZIPPER, which was born from a moment after I had separated from my husband, and the reason this topic became a part of my coaching resume. 

There I was in my closet, dressing for work, twirling in circles trying zip up my dress  with my arms reaching and stretching this way and that (you get the picture). I felt like I was wrestling an octopus. To make matters worse, I tripped over myself and fell to the floor. As I sat in a heap on the floor, out of nowhere, I burst into tears. I knew I was feeling frustrated- but then I realized the truth, my truth … I was alone and there was no one around that could zip me up anymore 

The book, and this service, is geared toward the struggles that women face in their lives, NOT ONLY when a marriage ends.  Navigating life and all of the roles we play is challenging at best. My goal is to share the tools that will help you to grow CONFIDENTLY AND COURAGEOUSLY into the most empowered YOU possible.  I took the first step that day I fell in my closet--I got up, took off the dress (symbolic of ending my marriage?) and chose a great pair of dress pants to wear instead.

For Women Only - or is it?

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