Time Management & Productivity

Time Management & Productivity | Angela Stryker - CoachTime Management …it’s one of the biggest challenges in our world today.  You would think with all of the leaps and bounds made in the technology field our lives would be simplified.  In many ways that may be true,  but now things move at pace that is difficult to keep up with if you are not a machine.  We need to do more things and we need to get them done faster than ever because that’s just the speed of the world we live in.  Progress?  There is much debate from both sides but none the less we are still caught up in it and have had to evolve into a more efficient version of our selves.

That’s where time management makes it’s appearance.  We can no longer just accept routine, we must make the routine, schedule the time and somehow make it all fit into a day.  The first thing that we must remember is that based on Pareto Principle (Italian economist Vilfred Pareto), which in it’s most basic form states that 20% of what we do produces 80% of our results.  Although this idea was based on population and wealth of Italy originally, it has been proven that this 80/20 rule stands in personal lives as well as businesses.

EPPC offers a half day seminar on Time Management.  Ten days prior to the seminar a questionnaire will be emailed to all of the attendees asking them to complete the form for one week.  They will be asked to bring this paper with them when they attend the seminar.

The smoke and mirrors of the attendees will be brought to light at this seminar, its somewhat of a rude but necessary awakening to put them on the path to success…none of us can reach our fullest potential without daily guidelines for ourselves. It’s all about being accountable and time management is the best way to do that to increase our results.