Relationships | Angela Stryker - CoachRelationships are the very life line of being human…every aspect of our lives is touched by the relationships within them.  An interesting aspect of relationships is that they are all progressive and they all have a beginning.  There are movies and books that look to reach us at our very core because ultimately we are all human before we are anything else and we all share common bonds that are rooted deep inside of us.

Elemental Personal and Professional Coaching works on and in all types of relationships at all levels.  Romantic relationships are the most common that seek coaching but other examples may be parents that seek help  in dealing with the different stages with their children, while another dynamic may be the children who become the caregivers of the parent(s).  Each of these has their own set of challenges attached to them but ultimately we share common emotions.

Roles change throughout the course of our lives and sometimes maneuvering through that uncharted territory can be challenging at the very least.

EPPC offers both one on one and group coaching sessions to those who are seeking to find a better understanding of relationships.  When human beings have a true understanding of each other and their behaviors, the outcome is more positive and healthy communication  which is the cornerstone of any relationship.

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