Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment | Angela Stryker - CoachBy definition the term empowerment means to become powerful…but on a personal level it’s definition becomes much more acute than that.

Personal Empowerment is a process not a destination. It begins with your ability to view yourself as an individual that is unique.  In order to become “empowered” ,  you must have the gumption to take control of yourself and your life and be willing to go through this sometimes arduous process that is set around learning your strengths and weaknesses as well as learning things about yourself you didn’t even know existed.

Learning what your limitations are is actually a strength in itself.  Many times people set goals for themselves that are just not attainable,  and being a coach it is a rare occasion that I will tell anyone that they “can’t” do something.  The idea behind this is that one must set realistic goals.  For example,  if you are 75 years old and want to be an Olympic skater, that’s probably not realistic, right? You get the idea.  However, on the other side of that, if you love skating and you are good at it, perhaps you can train others to compete.  The idea is to be creative and not fill yourself with self-doubt and judgment if something is beyond your reach.

Making positive choices is key and learning to not make the same mistake over and over is also an integral part of this process.  The saying tells us that if we keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different result, we are only setting ourselves up for failure.  And for some that is a place of comfort.  The idea of empowerment is not to settle, but to develop confidence, strength, and value for ourselves by setting and attaining goals that are realistic.

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