Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Coaching | Angela Stryker - CoachIt’s no surprise to hear that health and wellness is a universal topic that everyone can agree is a topic of discussion in all of our daily lives no matter our age.  I have to say that the programs we use at EPPC are not about providing a client with an actual “diet” plan…I personally don’t believe that “diets” work. Let me explain.

There are certainly the folks out there that may gain a few pounds here and there and then set themselves onto some type of diet and/or exercise routine to get back to the way they were before.  There are also those that are so disciplined that they keep staying healthy at the top of their to do list daily.  But then there are the people who have struggled for an extended period of time with getting and staying healthy.  My belief is not that these people lack discipline or even will power…it’s something much deeper than that.  These people need more than a plan to follow…they need to know why they haven’t been successful, why do they start over day after day, week after week, month after month and sometimes year after year…only to feel as though they have failed when they don’t reach their goals.

As your coach I will not only help you figure out what your healthy targets should look like, but I will assist you in finding the reason(s) why you haven’t reached your goals and show you how to make permanent change so that you can live longer and enjoy the life you live!

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