About Angela

Angela Stryker - CoachNo matter what profession I’ve chosen, ironically, my life’s path for the past 25 years has always lead me back to my passion of helping others.   I can even remember as a child, handing out advice and game plans before I knew what either of those things were.  It is the place where I feel the most joy and sense of accomplishment.  If you ask anyone that knows me personally or professionally, they would agree emphatically that being a coach is just who I am…it is the part of me that comes most naturally.

Whether you are an individual looking to achieve personal growth and empowerment or the executive looking to attain upward mobility within your industry, or even a company looking to breathe new life into your office morale, I have a program for you that will help you attain your goals quickly, and with the most permanent results possible.


                                      “TELL ME AND I FORGET, TEACH ME AND I MAY REMEMBER…INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN.”